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Reading is good for you. Make it a life long habit. Read ANYTHING.
Find out about something you think is cool, interesting, scary or tickles your imagination.  Can’t find anything? ASK ME! (It’s kinda my job, I’m your English teacher).

Try graphic novels. Science books. Mysteries. Read about UFOs, Sports, Musicians Space, History, or How-To books. Become more interesting: READ!



Important Downloads, Links and Activities: 
 Click here for link to your Virtual Desktop
    -Login just as you would from school! 

 How to Write a Short Answer & Format Sheets 
Other Resources:
 Dropbox - Dropbox is  free service (of course they charge more for more space) that allows you to store up to 2.5 GB of files in the cloud so you can access them from anywhere. This is like having a free USB drive that you can’t ever lose! It’s perfect for storing your research notes and papers for the final project. You’ll probably wind up using it for many things well into high school. Get your parent’s permission first before you sign up. You’ll never fill it up if you stick to basic docs.

 Google Drive - This is Google’s free online word processor and storage where you can create and store your writing in “The Cloud”. If you have a Gmail account, you are ready to go. We are now a ‘Google Classroom’ school - login as follows:

Login: first.last@northport.k12.ny.us
Pass: welcome2npt (you must change this after 1st login)

 OneDrive - A free online version of Microsoft Word you can use to create and store your electronic portfolio in “The Cloud”. If you have a Windows Live ID for Xbox, Hotmail or Messenger, you already have an account. If not, you can get your parent/guardian’s permission and create one. 

 Open Office - A FREE software alternative to  Microsoft Office. You must download and install but it works great and it’s FREE. 

 Adobe Acrobat Reader (FREE - for viewing PDFs)
 Graphic Novels to read online!
 FREE Audiobooks to download!
 FREE Online Books You Can Download!

“To click or not to click, that is the question...”
Homework and Activities  
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student logins are:
Password = first and last initial followed by last four digits of student ID and two digits of birthday (zero first if single digit birthday). 

Such as: js123409 or js123423http://www.raio.org/RemindInvite.pdfhttp://classroom.google.commailto:firstname.lastname@northport.k12.ny.usshapeimage_8_link_0shapeimage_8_link_1shapeimage_8_link_2